Chancel Choir

Have you ever thought about singing your praises to God? Come join our Chancel Choir! Emmanuel's Chancel Choir is a wonderful place to use your talents and share with others. Rehearsals are on Thursday.

The Chancel Choir is a group of fun-loving and hard working adults who meet weekly for rehearsal and perform in nearly every Sunday service. Although the choir is small, we are open to all who wish to join. We are a mix of amateurs and professional singers, all of whom enjoy singing and have deep interest in music.

Handbell Choir

The first tuned handbells were developed by brothers Robert and William Cor in Aldbourne, Wiltshire, England, between 1696 and 1724. Originally, tuned sets of handbells were used by change ringers playing mathematical patterns, to rehearse outside their towers. The bells used today in American handbell choirs are almost always English handbells. "English handbells" is a reference to a specific type of handbells, not to the country of origin.

A handbell choir is a group that rings recognizable music with melodies and harmony. We are blessed at Emmanuel to have handbells, ranging in size from very tiny sweet bells to large gorgeous resonant bells. Our choir consists of a group of people who love ringing the bells.

The choir rehearses weekly and we would be thrilled to include more ringers. The ability to read music is helpful but we are happy to guide anyone who is interested in playing the bells and they would be a welcome addition to our group.

Mark Longfield

If you are interested in joining or learning more about the music program at Emmanuel, please contact our Music Director Mark Longfield